Working in Google momentarily, I have studied computer science for half of my life. While sitting in the cafetaria, having lunch with my colleagues, we are chatting about the new discovery of an asteroid called Talos 36. Suddenly, my phone buzzes for several times.

I am Alexander. Hopefully you are reading this message. We are EROS2009 and just crahsed our spacecraft on an asteriod in space. It seems that I am the only survivor right now. Losing the whole communication system, I tried to contact to the earth but you were the only reciever that had proper frequency to read and respond to me. Please help me!

Please. You are my only opportunity to stay alive. If you are still hesitating, check the name of our spacecraft, EROS2009, on NASA. Please!

Thank you, my friend. I ran out of all food and water 6 hours ago. There is no electricity and completely dark, but I have a lighter in my pocket. Whether do you think I should use it before moving around or save it later for emergency? Alright. I must save everything and plan ahead. Trying to move slowly to the door right now.

Awwwwww, s**t! I think I stepped on a whole bunch of stuff and hurt my leg.

Wait a second. What are these? Wow, today's my day! A flashlight under a bag of potatoes, but no batteries inside. I am gonna keep it anyway. Considering my leg, I don't think I can carry such a heavy bag of potatoes.

Just leave it behind. Gotta keep moving.

I think I am at the door. Have to use the lighter now.

Oh, my god. The door is totally broken and blocked, but...there is a small hole at the bottom. Do you think I can squeeze myself through it or just clear it first.

Hey, see what I found in those woods! Batteries! I can use the flashlight now!

Alright, now I think I can somehow pass through it. And this should be the hallway connected to the cockpit.

..But hold on, what's that gloomy green..thing? My heart's beating so fast. Whatever it is, I wanna go check it out. Should I turn on the flashlight? It might alert that..thing.

You are right. Why not?

That green thing...IT TURNED AROUND!! It has two eyes!!! So disgusting and creepy!

That creature saw the light and escaped. It seems didn't like lights at all, the speed of escaping was astonishing though.